Diamond Platnumz [Instagram]

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz can now breathe a sigh of relief after his YouTube channel with over 6.6 million subscribers was restored.

This is after the account was allegedly terminated by YouTube yesterday, Monday, 25 April, following an alleged violation of the community guidelines.

Sharing the good news with his fans, the Wonder crooner, who is currently on tour in London, thanked his fans for their patience and urged them to continue enjoying his newly released album.

“Thank you my Beloved....my YouTube channel is back,” he announced.

Although the singer’s situation might have been genuine, a number of online users were convinced the incident was all for clout.

“Weuh! Hope it’s not kiki,” wrote a user by the name Nyar_gero.


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Another user by the name Festeeh added, “Anything for clout,” While Misskithinji wrote, “Inaitwa Kiki.”

However, according to the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) CEO’s loyal fans, he does not need to draw attention to himself with clout as his music has enough influence.

Diamond refrained from commenting on the matter until its resolution.

Rihanna collabo

The father of four recently revealed plans to pursue a collabo with Popstar Rihanna, an opportunity his fans welcomed with joy.

Speaking in a recent interview, the musical bigwig stated that talks between him and Rihanna were underway, admitting that he was over the moon about the opportunity.

“Ningependa kufanya kazi na Rihanna nahisi itakuwa ni ngoma kali sana, kama sio kwenye album hii basi album yangu inayofuata, tumeshaongea na Rihanna na timu yake na kila kitu kipo sawa, kwa mambo yanayoendelea kwa Rihanna sasa, inaweza ikafanya akawepo kwenye album hii au ijayo.” he said.

When asked how it feels being considered one of the most successful artists during a previous interview at the grammy’s Diamond responded saying;

“It’s a blessing, but it’s hard because I have to make sure to always maintain what I have, and I don’t want to let my people down. I make sure that I work so hard at mostly creating different sounds. When I get to the stage, I have to make sure to deliver the best. It’s tricky because there’s no way that I can rest completely, so I have to make sure to keep and maintain the love they’re giving me because they support me so much. It’s good and bad: a blessing and curse at the same time.”