10-month-old child drowns in water basin

By Diana Anyango | 4 months ago

A family in Matungu, Kakamega County has been gripped with grief following the death of their 10-month-old baby who drowned in a water basin.

According to a report published on Twitter by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the child’s mother, Audrey Akumu, was busy doing laundry at her family house compound as her baby played close by.

After some time she noticed that the child had become too quiet and rushed to check if everything was alright. The 25-year-old mother was however met with the horrendous view of her child immersed in a basin full of water. 

“The young mother started running around confused as she wailed, attracting her neighbours who came running and retrieved the baby from the water. They rushed the baby to nearby Bliss Medical Centre where the baby was pronounced dead on arrival,” wrote the DCI.

Following the unfortunate incident, the DCI has urged parents to educate themselves on basic first aid to care for their loved ones in case of a medical emergency.

“The DCI advises parents and guardians that it is never too late to save a child’s life, even if they stop breathing. Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) even if a child is unresponsive and do not stop until medical professionals take over.”

CPR for a baby

According to the Red Cross training services, it is crucial for parents to master the Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for a child or infant in case of an emergency and can be printed and placed where it is most accessible. 

Below are steps to follow to be able to perform CPR on a baby according to the St John Ambulance.

If the baby shows signs of becoming responsive, such as, coughing, opening their eyes, making a noise, or starts to breathe normally, put them in the recovery position.

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