Vera Sidika recalls living in a Sh3500 bedsitter

By Vincent Kejitan | 3 months ago
Vera Sidika [Courtesy]

Socialite Vera Sidika on Wednesday revealed that she once lived in a bedsitter and she never hated on those who had made it by then.

While responding to those who have been throwing shade at her, Vera said she is proud of her humble beginnings and she clapped for others as she waited for her turn.

“I proudly paid Sh3500 monthly rent without fail…zero arrears. Never once while inside my bedsitter did I hate on a single human being or been bitter [sic], that is why I am successful today.

“I was humble, happy for others as I waited for my turn…y’all broke bedsitter haters busy hating you think you’ll end up anywhere?” she asked.

Vera asked those hating on her to stop attacking her because they do not know much about her journey, instead advising them to wish others well so that they can be blessed.

This is not the first time Vera has gone on a rant on social media as a few months ago she told off comedian Akuku Danger for demanding payment after her gender reveal party.

Akuku claimed that Vera was to pay him Sh15,000 but paid only Sh10,000 before her security team bundled him out of the party.

Vera sought to set the record straight claiming the Sh5,000 Akuku was claiming was mere pocket change!

Through a lengthy post, Vera stated that she spent quite an amount during the gender reveal party and the comedian was unprofessional to go on a rant on social media.

The businesswoman went ahead to reveal that she spent a whooping Sh105,000 on water which went for Sh1,500 per bottle.

“To think that Sh5000 is anything…That is not even my call credit. My PA has my M-Pesa pin and he pays everyone in full before they set foot out of their house.

“Water alone cost me a whooping Sh105,000…Sh1500 per bottle for 70 of them. Water that can’t even be found on supermarket shelves. You have to order via a website,” she said.

Vera claimed Akuku was shocked to find expensive vehicles at the parking lot, something that made him want his balance settled immediately.

“I have never in my life paid anyone an exact amount if they delivered well…No matter how small their business is.

“If you start making demands over something that does not exist nobody will pay attention,” she wrote.

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