Juliani hits out at cyberbullies

By Kirsten Kanja | 4 months ago
The rapper took notice of hateful comments made under his Instagram post on Tuesday morning. [Courtesy]

Rapper Juliani, whose real name is Julius Owino has had enough of internet trolls who have been camping on his social media pages, criticizing his looks and physical appearance.

The artiste, who has been making headlines for his new relationship with the ex-partner of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, Lillian Ng’ang’a, seemed to take notice of the hateful comments posted on his Instagram account on Tuesday morning.

Romans 2 ni interesting sana. Kila mtu ata get judged kulingana na kenye unajua na kenye hujui. Though kwa subsequent chapters, inakua clear, ukiwa under grace ... una a better chance for righteousness,” the rapper captioned a selfie on the social networking site.

The caption refers to a Bible verse that tells Christians not to judge one another.

While his post was religious, some of the rapper’s followers ignored it altogether and jumped into mocking his photograph, in which he appears looking into the camera, hair pulled back, with a stern expression.

There were several insensitive comments hurled at the Utawala singer.

Tagging social media users who had made hateful comments, the rapper said that he would pray for them to find healing.

 “I really feel sad for you. How small can you think of yourself? That you wake up to a strangers comments to be seen. Before this post, no one here knew you existed. You are now seen,” Juliani wrote in a comment seen by The Standard.

He added, “I pray you find healing in whatever ails you. I pray you flourish in all you do. You find love in your heart. You find Joy. You must be really sad to truly put people down just to feel good about yourself.”



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The rapper then said that he does not usually respond to internet trolls, but that he had the time to do it this time.

“I looked at your profiles. On a normal day, I would not even look at you twice. You can be better. Roho safi ndio urembo, filter haziezi fanya miracles,” he wrote, telling the writers of the mean comments that a pure heart is the real definition of beauty, while mocking their apparent use of filters on their own photos.

Early this month, Juliani and his girlfriend Lillian shocked the nation with news of their relationship. [Courtesy]

Despite the ridicule, a good number of the artiste’s followers condemned the trolls and encouraged the rapper.

“Who are you to diss the king?” wrote an Instagram user going by the name Larry Yayo.

Early this month, Juliani and his girlfriend Lillian shocked the nation with news of their relationship, days after the latter announced her split from Mutua.

“In this photo are two fully conscious adults who have chosen to be together. Any other narrative is false, outdated and ill-intentioned. Let us respect people’s choices. Live and let love,” the new couple wrote in an identical post on both their profiles.

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