Xtian Dela asks for financial assistance to start political party

By Diana Anyango | 3 months ago
Social media influencer Xtian Dela [Courtesy]

Social media influencer Aurther Mandela famously known to his fans as Xtian Dela is seeking financial assistance from his fans to start his own political party.

Xtian, who expressed interest in running for public office in the upcoming 2022 general elections, called upon his loyal fans to support his political dream by providing financial assistance to register a party.

According to him, the process is extremely expensive and can only be made possible if his supporters unite.  

“Hey guys, we are planning to register our own political party. The process is long and extremely expensive but it MUST be done! We are looking for financial help folded hands,” he wrote.

Political interest

The popular vlogger’s interest in politics came as a surprise to many considering he is among a few other content creators that are excelling in their respective fields.

Laying bare his intentions, the determined content creator vowed to give a youthful touch to his constituency of choice.

“I will be the Member of Parliament of Westlands Constituency in 2022. Let’s show them the POWER of Social Media and the power of the YOUTH in Kenya who are TIRED of OLD and USELESS politicians!!!! I BELIEVE WE WILL WIN!!! OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!” he wrote.

Not only that, the soon-to-be father promised to end the nightmare of joblessness among the youth by creating opportunities and a safe space.

“I haven’t started on my manifesto but one of the main things I MUST do in Westlands is create JOBS and SAFE spaces for young people to be creative and make money! Imagine!!! This country is so messed up that I have to stop my private businesses to help run it. I have decided to be on the forefront of change rather than shout from the back!! I believe true change starts from us…WE ARE THE TRUE CHANGE!” he said.

Xtian went further to promise support for the LGBTQI community, a stand that elicited different reactions from his fans.

“Let’s be REAL…Most young people in Kenya are part of the LGBTQI community! You and I both have very amazing gay friends and we have NO issue about it!! It’s high time as Kenyans we accepted this fact and legislated laws that PROTECT them instead of criminalizing and insulting them.

“If we have no issue with them personally, why don’t we PROTECT them PUBLICLY & constitutionally?!?…People should be FREE to love who they WANT in private and public! Love is love and it’s high time KENYA embraced that,” read part of his post.

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