Dr King'ori and Tiso [Courtesy]

Comedian and TV host Dr King’ori was on the receiving end of a bashing from netizens after asking Kenyans to assist a lady who gave him shelter when he had nothing. Through a post, King’ori introduced a lady only identified as Tiso, narrating how she helped him when he was struggling to make ends meets.

He lauded her as a selfless woman who was notoriously religious and never hesitated to assist him.

“Around 11 years ago, while going through one of my lowest moments in life, this lady right here, Tiso, offered me a place to stay. For the over 6 months, she was very kind, never complained and was also one of the strongest believers in what I do. (Ni story refu, nitawapea in detail soon).

“She is one of the most hardworking people I know, mtu roho safi and very straightforward. Mambo bado haijamfungukia vile inafaa but maybe you can also help me be a blessing in her life,” he wrote.

The second part is what irked many after King’ori asked netizens to give Tiso cleaning jobs.

“Patieni Tiso ma job za cleaning, Laundry na basically anything that falls in the category ya domestic work”. (Give Tiso any cleaning jobs or anything else in that bracket)

One of the first people to call him out was fellow entertainer and comedian Dj Shiti who asked him to spare some shillings and help Tiso start a sustainable business.

“Why don't you, a beneficiary of her kindness, help her the same way she helped you get back on your feet. You want her to do laundry until when? Surely!!” added another Instagram user.

Many asked King’ori to use his resources and position to help Tiso instead of condemning her to laundry work for the rest of her life.

Seemingly compelled to respond, King’ori said he did not have to parade what he had done for the lady, adding that the laundry job was her request.

“Guys, please read and understand the post...'You can also help me be a blessing in her life...' I don’t have to parade things I have done or I'm doing for her.

“Kazi ya laundry is on her request... Mbona mnadharau job ya kufua? kama ndio anataka? It was not a demand. Much appreciation to all who will be able to reach out to her for a gig or 2.

Adding: “The purpose of this post is not to brag about what I have done for her for the kindness she showed but to expand wider the net of how she loves to fish.”