Chris Kirubi.

Businessman, entrepreneur and industrialist Chris Kirubi popularly known as CK has recently opened up on his battle with cancer.

In a message to investors posted on Capital FM’s YouTube page, the Capital Group Ltd Chairman said that he cannot meet people as his immune system is weak, making him vulnerable to diseases.

“I am not coming to the meeting this morning because my immune system is weak and it is easy for me to pick up germs from a huge crowd. But I miss you and may God help you,” he said.

Kirubi urged his investors to make a point of going for cancer screening as it would play a major role in controlling the disease in the country.

“I would like to appeal to all our members and investors that you need to go to check your status with pathologists in the hospitals or clinics.

“Cancer is not devastating if it’s early discovered. We need to make sure that if you have cancer, it is discovered in the first or second stage by that time, it is possible to cure cancer, ” he said.

Take care of yourself

Using himself as an example, Chris warned individuals not to allow their cancer to get to stage three or four as it would be difficult for doctors to control it then.

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“Do not allow cancer to get to the third or to fourth stage because it becomes very difficult for the doctors to cure us. I am appealing as one of the victims, I appeal to you to make sure that you do not have to undergo a major attack of cancer.

“Cancer is a disease that can be taken care of if we go to the doctor to check our blood from time to time to make us aware of what is happening to our bodies.  I would not like to see any investor in our business get cancer. I’d like you to think of me, to see me as a reminder that cancer can be cured. I’d like you to believe in it by taking care of your body,” Chris continued.

Let’s beat cancer together

During this year’s world cancer day marked on 4 February, Chris took to his social media pages to encourage Kenyans to take screen tests in an effort to completely eradicate the disease.

“I look forward to a day when this world is cancer-free! Let’s beat cancer together.

“This #worldcancerday, I write from a reflective perspective. This subject is very close to my heart and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone battling this dreadful disease.

“I would like to urge each and every one of you to go for cancer screening tests and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Nobody is immune and early diagnosis surely saves lives. I also would like our government to actively raise awareness to the public on how to reduce cancer risk and accord affordable treatment to those diagnosed.  Above all, I celebrate all who have fought hard and defeated cancer. Never lose hope!” he wrote.