Political parties have raked in billion in nominations fees from thousands of aspirants seeking sponsorship for various elective seats.

The ruling Jubilee Party is the greatest beneficiary of the windfall from aspirants with an appetite for political seats.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s party banked Sh673 million, more than double the total proceeds of Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) which got at least Sh286 million.

A combined force of the National Super Alliance (NASA) received Sh374 million, including money raised from its four principals as presidential candidates of their respective parties.

The figures could, however, be much higher given the list is of aspirants cleared to contest in the primaries.

Potentially, some may have paid the fees but never made it to the final list for ineligibility.

Jubilee Party

MP Sh256 million

Governor Sh37 million

Senator Sh38 million

Women Rep Sh41 million

MCA Sh300 million

Total Sh673 million


Presidency Sh1 million

MP Sh113 million

Senator Sh15 million

Governor Sh24 million

Women Rep Sh8 million

MCA Sh125 million

Total Sh286 million

Chap Chap

Governor Sh3.7 million

Women Rep Sh1.1 million

MCA Sh17 million

MP Sh54.4 million

Total Sh76.2 million


MCAs Sh 18 million

MPs Sh 15.3 million

Governors Sh 4.5 million

Women Reps Sh 2.1 million

Senators Sh 3.6 million

Total Sh43.5 million


Presidency Sh1 million

Governor Sh2.4million

Senator Sh1.3million

Women Rep Sh1.5 million

MP Sh11.4 million

MCA Sh20 million

Total Sh37.6 million


Presidency Sh1 million

Governor Sh2.5 million

Senator Sh1.2 million

MP Sh8.4 million

Women Rep Sh2.2 million

MCA Sh20 million

Total Sh35 million

Ford Kenya

Presidency Sh1 million

Governor Sh2 million

Women Rep Sh1.4 million

MCA SH12 million

Total Sh15. 4 million