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Are you socially mature?

 A stressed man at work. (Courtesy)

What kind of relationships and friendships do you have? If your relationships always end terribly or you can never get along with your colleagues at work, something deeper could be going on with you emotionally and psychologically.

Your well-being should encompass many different elements like contentment, excitement, calmness, happiness and other positive emotions. It does not stop there. Your physical health, meaningful social relationships and connections are what matter the most.

Those elements and more are what constitute social wellness. To fully gauge where on the scale you fall, you must ask yourself how good you are at sharing, developing and sustaining meaningful relationships with others in a way that makes you feel authentic, and valued and provides a sense of connectedness and belonging.

When you actively involve yourself in the lives of others and you grow closer, those deeper conversations contribute to your social well-being by bringing enjoyment and allowing yourself to be seen, appreciated and valued because your care is also reciprocated.

As social creatures, there is a desire to be with others, around others and make connections. It generates a feeling of safety and happiness when we feel accepted and part of a group.

But without self-awareness, you run the risk of becoming socially awkward and isolated. This should not be confused with being alone, enjoying your solitude.

The former is not a choice. Due to your actions or inactions, you find yourself withdrawing from people because they don’t like you or cannot stand you for whatever reasons.

As you go down that spiralling road of isolation, negative feelings start to creep in. You become lonely, which can be incredibly damaging. It is then you realise you need meaningful and impactful relationships.

At this point, you either sink or swim. Once you become socially aware of the emptiness inside you and the effects it is having on your life, you must take deliberate steps to improve your social maturity.

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