A dating couple.

1. Grown men desire a woman with her own dreams, not one who is tagging along and all her life revolves around him. A woman who is pursuing her own goals will also respect his goals and will not be overly possessive or jealous of other women.

2. Grown men desire a woman who can correct him with love. One who will tell him "Honey, I don't think that is right". If the man is not grown, he will not like her correction. Grown know they have room for improvement and like it when the woman is looking out for him.

3. Grown men desire a woman who can speak her mind about her issues not one who is hurting inside, despising the man in silence and is pretending to be happy. When you speak it, you two can solve it.

4. Grown men desire a woman who is conversational, one who says more than one word answers, not one who is always waiting for the man to begin and carry the conversation. He wants a friend in the woman he loves to laugh with and be free with.

5. Grown men desire a woman who can contribute, not one who waits for things to be always done for her. They are partners in the relationship/marriage and should gain fulfillment by both bringing their value to the table.

6. Grown men desire a woman who will not over react, a woman who will not blow up something small into a major fight or who will make him cautious of what he tells her for fear of her magnifying things. Grown men love peace and want to feel safe.

7. Grown men desire a woman who speaks with the right warm tone, not one who speaks to him in a condescending, rude and disrespectful manner... Not one who attacks him in private and in public. The tone of a woman's voice is key. Some even keep off kissing their wives becomes her lips are too harsh.

8. Grown men desire a woman who embraces her sexuality. In marriage, he loves her sexual confidence, how she seduces him as her husband, gets naughty with him and flirts with him. She makes his life really "hard". She turns him on and excites him.

9. Grown men desire a woman who can debate with him, one who is knowledgeable, teaching him things and stimulating his mind. He looks at her and tells her "I admire your wisdom and intelligent mind".

10. Grown men desire a woman who is not living for the attention of other men, a woman who is not spending more time chatting with other men than with him, a woman who is not scandalous and revealing to men just to get glances. A grown man wants a woman who has settled on him, one who is emotionally faithful to him; not one who is acting like she is still available yet married to him or in a relationship with him.

11. Grown men desire a woman who keeps secrets, one who will cover his weaknesses and shame, work on him in private as he praises him in public, one who doesn't gossip about him with others.

Grown men realize that in order for a woman to give her best, he must give her his best. He loves her right and in response, she loves him right. If you expect the best from your partner, be the best to your partner.