Nowadays men fear to open up when they suffer from erectile dysfunction forcing their partners to adapt to their situation. There are more affordable solutions available today.

<p><b> Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to have an erection and it is common among older men.</b></p><p><span xss=removed>Erectile dysfunction can be a nightmare for a lot of men, since it hinders men from having sex. hence impotence.</span><br></p>

However, despite the wide coverage of erectile complications there are still misconceptions and I have just uncovered few myths associated with ED.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is exclusively to older men.

There is a misconception that erectile dysfunctions can only be found in older men.

Truth: Though ED is popular among older men, it is truthful to say that erectile complications can arise to any man.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is normal as you grow older.

It is total deception and no man should adapt to ED even as he grows older.

Truth: As men grow older they require more stimulation before sex compared to younger men but all men should see a doctor if they figure out any complications when erecting.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is not a deadly condition.

Truth: Erectile complications are often connected to other gravely healthy conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, low testosterone and diabetes.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is connected to attraction of your partner.

Truth: Studies show that there are no erectile problems associated to the attractiveness of your partner.

High alcohol intake, smoking, anxiety, depression, are mostly to be linked to erectile dysfunctions.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is incurable.

Facts: Apart from taking temporary cures such as Viagra and Cialis problems, there are other medications by injection or insertion into the urethra.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction can be healed by home remedies.

Some medicines and home cures that are perceived to cure ED, contain unhealthy components that may interact with other medications you are taking.

Truth: The best successful solution for curing ED is by seeing a doctor.

Myth: Erectile dysfunctions only affects my bedroom life.

Truth: Men suffering from erectile dysfunctions eventually develop low self-esteem, undergo depression which in turn affects everyone in their circles.