The mention of Middle East countries rings of a place that prides itself on civilization, including courtesy of an elaborate religion, social and political organization.

Arab world, as Middle East popularly known is the source of Islamic faith and revered for her Islamic tenets. For example; worshipping Allah five times a day is held in high esteem among Muslims.

Holy places like Medina and Mecca have made the middle east of the Arab world to be a cultured, refined, sacrosanct and deeply religious place where only pious Muslims would congregate during a given festival.

Different circumstances, however, like poor standards of living have predisposed young girls and boys to go to the Promised Land of Arab world in search of greener pastures away from their mother countries where jobs are scarce and wages paltry.

Poverty as an inherent reason of exodus has contributed to the psychological torture to both pre-arranged employees and dependents back home. The emerging stories of the pre-determined employees persecuted and deaths befalling them in foreign lands are quiet frustrating to their next of kin because of rigours of transport logistics of bodies.

Youths from Kenya and other African countries have withstood the worst of slavery like employment in countries such as Abu Dhabi, Syria, Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Case in the point is, a gullible young Kenyan girl called Nyamvula Salama Bongo barely 20 years of age, whose death in Abu Dhabi last year on 27/09/2015 left Kenyans with hard questions one week after arrival at her new place of work. Her body brought to Kenya three months after her demise.

Her boss in a heinous, criminal, barbaric, slavery, inhuman and savagely brutal manner, killed the girl. Salama body impaled with a sharp metal object on her back strangled and her facial appearance defaced. The sight of her body left her parents in Kilifi devastated.

It goes without saying that; poverty in our midst presents us with a fait accompli option. That in itself means, Middle East is indispensable as our salvation from poverty, hard economic times and as a place to a salary of Kes, 20,000 per month.

The Kes, 20,000 per month is quiet tempting yes, for our sons and daughters. However, there is no guarantee that all will be smooth sailing at work, especially for a girl or daughter. Some impregnated, raped or killed for refusing to accept sexual escapade with the boss or even his sons. In the end, this tempting salary turns out to be a snare into the jaws of death.

The sad thing is that leadership in these Muslim notorious countries whether monarch, dynasty or democratically elected sees nothing wrong with these inhumane and beastly murders perpetrated by the citizens in those countries. Essentially, killing and getting away with it, has become a way of life.

In my view, it is only God as Christians refer to their deity or Allah as Muslims refer to Supreme Being that takes life or can take life.

My appeal to the national government, vet all agencies that procure human resource to Middle East. Procuring be done; after those in charge of agencies in collaboration with the government had ascertained the sound mindedness of would be boss by way of obtaining a medical certificate from a recognized practicing medical doctor in their countries.

My two questions are one; if citizens in the notorious countries are xenophobic about Africans why then do they seek their services? Two, why would employers hire pre-determined employees they loath?

Local option to parents in Kenya; you may constrained financially, but that notwithstanding should not let you release your dear young girls and boys to the lotus-eaters of the Middle East in the name of greener pastures.

Without Middle East jobs life will still go on, so encourage your son and daughters to make do with available meager jobs but save their lives.

Poverty is not a crime it is a circumstance.