Iheard about the death of the Grace Makosewe and Achieng’Abura on social media,and in each case it was a ‘what?’ ‘what?’ gut wrenching reaction. Then itdawned that the reality is, everything, no matter how beautiful, talented andglamorous has a start and an end, and so does life. It got me thinking andreflecting and here are the top 5 thoughts I came out with.

1. Lifeis short, live it
Grace was a party animal who enjoyed her life to the full.  Achieng’ Abura was a musician who venturedinto a field many fear for its challenges with a degree in chemistry and at themature age of 26 years. What dream are you holding back on, waiting for perfectconditions in order to pursue?
At the very least they died living their dreams and their best life, withlittle to regret.

2.Take care of your health and wellbeing.
Achieng’ was on the heavy side, and it is thought to have contributed to herhealth problems, and to have had an adverse impact on the quality of her life.She was said to have encountered a heavy depression that led to a rapid weightloss which led to her body weakness and probably contributed to her suddendeath. Grace was said to endure lots of late nights for her business and herlifestyle which tends to come with higher alcohol consumption than most. That,with time, can be a stressful combination on the body and mind. Which begs thequestion, what are you sacrificing or actively doing to improve your own healthand wellbeing?

3. Goafter your career of your choice
They all appeared to do most of what they wanted, and are therefore likely tohave had fewer regrets. If you had to go right now, stop and think. I mean doit now, stop and think about it, what regrets would you have about pursuing thecareer and life of your choice? Does the reason you tell yourself every timethe question rises in your mind still hold water?

4.Friends and family are not always loyal, accept it.
Achieng’s depression is said to have been partly caused of the disappointmentof not being able to raise funds for her son to seek specialized treatmentabroad, in spite of all her fame, and all her fans. Now imagine how lonely andsad it must have felt to find that out, especially for someone who was also agiver herself. By all means nurture your friendships, but you will not alwaysright about how they will respond when you need them.

5. Oneday it will all be over
One day there will be a funeral, and a headstone with your name on it. Whatwill it say? Do you care about what legacy you will leave behind? Are you atthe point that your reputation matters beyond your death? This is a lesson tothink long and hard about; as it will help you determine how you choose tolive, the rest of your life.

May their souls rest in peace.