You’ve been in the same role for years, waiting to earn that promotionyou’ve always wanted. And not just for a better title and a bigger paycheck,but for the feeling of knowing your work is valued and your company admireswhat you bring to the table.

However, you’re not going to earn a promotion by simply sitting and waiting– you’ll earn it by going above and beyond in your everyday tasks.

We asked 12 successful entrepreneurs to share the one trait employeesshould have to guarantee them a promotion later on down the road.

1. Step outside your department

People can often get stuck in their niche, team or role. When you stepoutside of your department and apply your skills to support other teams – notto mention go out of your way to learn what others’ day-to-day work andchallenges are – it shows you are willing to own your responsibilities whilegiving to others. You see the bigger mission of the company.

2. Devise simpler solutions

If you can devise a solution that’s simpler than what is already in use,bosses immediately take notice. When you think outside the box to such anextent that you individually modify a company’s processes, you are worth apromotion.

3. Take ownership

When you stop thinking in terms of your job description and start thinkingin terms of helping the company, that’s when you’ll truly shine. Especiallywith start-ups, managers don’t always have the time and resources to tell youwhat to do next. By thinking like an entrepreneur, you’ll always stay ahead ofthe curve, and it’ll make everyone’s lives easier.

4. Go one step further

Go one step further by performing tasks your manager never asked for. Takethe initiative to research, learn and propose new ideas or solutions toexisting challenges.

5. Set goals and hit them

Too often, people communicate goals and don’t hit them. Even in arelatively informal setting, if you vocalize that you’ll get something done bya certain date, execute it and let people know about it (without bragging).This is a simple way to build a track record of dependability, and it makes youstand out from the majority.

6. Be curious

Having a positive attitude and being able to ask why are two attributesthat all high-potential employees should have. Curiosity indicates a vestedinterest in the underlying why that drives what a company is doing, while apositive attitude makes you a pleasant person to be around.

7. Search for opportunities to generate revenue

Employees who advance the fastest are the ones who find new ways toup-sell, cross-sell or straight out sell. That goes for employees who aren’teven in sales. It tells your employer that you’re looking out for the companyand the company’s future. And it’s easy for an employer to give you a raise ifyou’ve justified it with revenue.

8. Create value

Take initiatives beyond your job description and create interdepartmentalor cross-disciplinary collaborative teams to create value for the company.Showing interest in creating new products, features or improvements will surelybe noticed by your employer. Send emails and meeting invites to otherdepartments, engage in conversations and make white papers to showcase yourideas for improving a product.

9. Be punctual

If you’re on time to work and stay until the end of the day every day,bosses take notice. It shows that you care about the company and are putting inthe effort. With such a great work ethic, you increase the likelihood ofearning a promotion.

10. Excel in multiple roles

Any good employee can excel in their role; however, only great employeeswill excel in multiple roles. An employee who steps out of his or her comfortzone and succeeds in a project or role that isn’t part of his or her dutieswill definitely be considered for a promotion.

11. Show interest in long-term growth

Employers know it is unlikely that they will find employees who care abouttheir companies as much as they do, but they take notice when someone workstoward the long-term health of the business. Some people don’t go above andbeyond in their jobs or for others, it’s just something they do for the salary.But if you care about the company as a whole, then you’re worth keeping around,and promotions are a good incentive.

12. Generate ideas

By sharing ideas that save or make money for the company, you illustratethat you deserve more responsibility and a higher income. Your ability andwillingness to develop solutions that grow the company mean you’re veryvaluable.