'mkuki si uchungu kwa  nguruwe lakini kwa binadamu ndio uchungu'.When the new constitutional laws are being made in Kenyan no one raised objections, but eventually the same rules are now coming back to haunt those who made them and loud complaints are now being heard.

There has been a job advert for chief justice, deputy chief justice, judges, judicial service commission and court of appeal. One judge was not issued with a certificate of good conduct and he has threatened to sue the directorate of criminal investigation for failing to issue him with the certificate, thwarting his run for the chief justice job.

What about an ordinary Kenyan? How much does it cost for a job seeker to get these documents? How many days does it take? Are these documents impeding Kenyans from applying jobs? Let the law specify that only head of institutions should be forced to produce these documents. Can an ordinary Kenyan sue?

Let nominated MP lsaac mwaura’s petition be supported by other MPs so that this law does not hinder the youth from acquiring jobs.