List of celebrities that have welcomed newborns in 2021

By Diana Anyango | 6 months ago
Celebrities that have welcomed newborns in 2021.

Despite the world’s instability due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus, a few individuals have had the luck of experiencing joy in different forms.

From getting new jobs, to reuniting with loved ones and even welcoming new family members, it is safe to say a few people have had something good to show for the year.

Here is a list of celebrities that crowned their 2021 with the gift of a new born. 

Daddie Marto

Actor Daddie Marto and his wife Koku Lwanga welcomed their son, Franklin Rey in August 25th 2021. Sharing his arrival with his fans, the social media influencer revealed that the little man was in perfect health.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Weighing in 3.385kgs, at 02.15am on August 25th 2021 our bundle of joy landed. Took time to readjust and get to know him, baby is fine feeding and sleeping, daddy is tired but hanging in there, mommy is taking the biggest hit but it was expected, so all is well. We are indeed blessed,” wrote Daddie Marto.

The couple was unfortunately forced to spend numerous nights with their new born in hospital after he got unwell. Updating their online family of his progress, Daddie Marto revealed that he was completely healed and was safely back home.

“Long live the King. Meet Franklin Rey, the boy y’all have been praying for, pouring your heart to, standing in the gap for. We’ve struggled a bit with the decision but decided that it is only fair to meet he who you have been praying for. Receive gratitude from @manapatau @daddiemarto @koku_lwanga @itsmarcustau for the love and prayers. He is doing great and we thank God and all of you who stood with us! Thank You!!” he wrote.


Dennis Ombachi ‘The Roaming Chef’

The rugby 7’s player and his wife welcomed their second child about a week ago not long after announcing they were expectant.

The ecstatic father shared a video cradling his new born with the caption;

“Sweet little angel, we welcome you into the world today and promise to love you with all that we have to offer. Some kangaroo care as your mum, the strongest woman I have ever known was recovering, is our 1st bond that will last us a lifetime. Welcome to the pride baby girl. Raising a warrior!!”



Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee and her fiancé caught their fans off guard when they announced news that they were expecting their first child. Not long after the announcement, the couple welcomed their son, Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho.

Although the duo is yet to show the boy’s face on social media, they have continually posted half pictures of him and he is adorable.


Tileh Pacbro

Celebrity dancer Tileh Pacbro and his wife Martina were blessed to have their baby, Tiago a month ago in Spain.

The elated new dad termed the intense feeling of holding his son in his arms for the first time as unexplainable.

“I can’t explain the feeling I had when I held my little boy @pacbro.jr in my arms for the first time. The fact that @martinaglez_ is the person who will always be beside me in this journey gives immense peace and happiness, makes me feel at home yet so far away from home, thank you baby for being my warrior. Welcome to the world my son!” he wrote.