Is this love [Photo: Courtesy]

My online new catch only talks about sex, is this love?

I am a 23-year-old single girl. I met a guy on Facebook sometime back. I thought he was cool and I hoped a relationship would come out of it, but I get the feeling that he is only interested in sex.

Every conversation we have usually revolves around sex. He wants us to meet in person, but I get the impression that he expects me to sleep with him right away. Should I meet up with him? Grace, Nyeri

Dear Grace,

It sounds like he is just interested in casual sex. Don’t meet up with him if you are looking for something special.

 If you do decide to meet him, make it clear that you don’t intend to sleep with him, until you know him a little better so that he doesn’t come to the date expecting it to culminate into a ‘gland to gland combat’.

 I caused drama, shamed my ex and now feel guilty

My boyfriend and I had a huge fight and he ended our relationship. I felt very hurt and angry but I thought we could still work things out, so I tried to reach out to him. I sent him a couple of messages, but he ignored all of them.

I tried to call him but he wouldn’t pick up my calls. I got even more angry and frustrated and decided to confront him. I went over at his place and caused a huge scene in front of his friends. I feel terrible about it and I want to make things right. What should I do? Lynn, Kisumu

Dear Lynn,

Leave him alone and don’t beat yourself up about the incident. What is done is done. You can’t undo the past. The best thing you can do is accept that things are over and move on. Stop trying to get in touch with him.

 I am always fighting with my guy over silly stuff, help

I have been with my boyfriend for two months and I am thinking of ending things because we are always fighting. We fight a lot over stupid things and of late we have been spending long periods of time not talking to each other because of the fights.

We have a good relationship when we are not fighting and I want to make things work but I am tired of all the fighting. Should I end things? Cecilia, Mombasa

Dear Cecilia,

Yes. I think your relationship is doomed if you are fighting this much just two months into the relationship. You are still in your honeymoon stage when you and your partner should be experiencing romantic bliss and agreeing on everything. The fact that you are not means trouble.

Is she just being polite to me or the feeling is mutual?

There is a young shop keeper I have known for a few weeks and I am interested in but I don’t know if she feels the same way so I am not sure how to proceed.

We talk a lot. The problem is that I can’t tell whether she talks to me out of politeness or she is interested in me. How can tell if she is interested in going out with me? James, Eldoret

Dear James,

The only way to be sure is to ask her out on a date. I know you are scared of being rejected and that is why you are holding off on making a move but that is how dating works. Ask her out. Don’t feel too bad if she rejects you.

There will be other girls who will be interested in you.