He was traced to a local bar enjoying drinks after a manhunt by security officers.

An assistant Chief in Murang’a has been charged with sabotaging registration of Huduma Namba project after he disappeared with registration equipment with intention of selling it.

Gerald Maina Ndirangu appeared before Murang’a Principal Magistrate Mr Edwin Nyaga, facing a charge of sabotaging a government project. The matter case will be heard on June 14.

He was charged that on diverse dates between April 5 and April 7, he took away the electronic gadget from his Gikandu sub location, frustrating the ongoing registration of Huduma Namba.

The prosecution told the court that the administrator, who was not picking phone calls. After a search, he was traced in a local bar enjoying drinks after a manhunt by security officers.

The administrator, who has since been interdicted, was released on a Sh100,000 bond with a surety of the similar amount.

Due to the unavailability of the gadget in Gikandu sub location, residents were forced to access registration services from a neighbouring sub location.

The county security committee, after the equipment could not be traced online, dispatched detectives to search for the assistant chief, before he was arrested in a liquor joint on Monday.

After the incident, chiefs have been instructed to communicate with their seniors over the condition of the equipment.