"This man comes here, starts fondling and kissing my mum in front of me and my younger siblings and sometimes he even sleeps over"

There was drama in the sprawling estate of Mwandoni in Kisauni Constituency, Mombasa County last weekend, when a teenager mobilised friends to beat up a man he claimed to be his mother’s lover.

The 17-year-old high school student shocked residents when he led his six friends in storming his home to eject a man who had virtually camped there since his father, a primary school teacher, was transferred from Mombasa to Lamu County earlier this year.

The boys armed with bullwhips and metal rods caused a scene when they descended on the man who was whiling away his time with their friend’s mother in their sitting room. The two adults had been watching a movie.

“This man comes here, starts fondling and kissing my mum in front of me and my younger siblings and sometimes he even sleeps over. I have tried to call my father to inform him of what is happening in vain,” the boy, only identified as Salim, told curious on-lookers.

He said even after he and his younger brothers openly showed the man hostility by refusing to acknowledge his greetings and throwing away presents he brought them, he continued to visit their house.

Salim said sometimes his mother, who is in her mid-40s, and her 23-year-old lover often locked themselves in the bedroom during the day, leaving him to cook and run house chores for his little brothers.

The man is a matatu driver.

Richard Angaya, a shopkeeper in the neighbourhood, told Crazy Monday that the youngsters would have killed the man.

He and his cousin Jack warned the minors of the consequences of taking the law into their hands.

“We advised the boys to cool down and let the adults handle the matter. We decided to take the matter to the local chief when the man showed no remorse even after receiving a brutal beating from the boys, who had also threatened to castrate him,” he said.

More chaos was to ensue when a group of women attempted to strip the woman naked to shame her.

Mr Angaya said he sought for help from passing men and restrained the women. After they had succeeded they turned on the young man, claiming that he had also been preying on their wives.

“It was some sort of miracle that we reached the chief’s camp a few metres away without further incidences. Unfortunately, no action has been taken because the adulterous woman’s husband is yet to be reached. Nonetheless, the young man has not returned to mama Salim’s house again because Salim and his friends say they are not yet done with him,” the shopkeeper said.