Man sleeping   Photo: Courtesy

There was a ticklish incident that left residents of Nyangubo Estate, Migori County, in stitches after an enraged woman shamed her husband for deliberately peeing on her in their matrimonial bed. Apparently, this was punishment to her for allegedly denying him conjugal rights.

The man, only identified as Ochieng’, was left with egg on his face after a charm offensive he launched to cool her down bore no fruit. Instead, the unidentified woman is said to have opened her door and screamed, calling neighbours to witness a spectacle to behold in her bedroom.

That her father of her children could ‘punish’ her by relieving himself in bed was something she could not take lying down. The enraged woman sprung out of bed, went out of the house, called neigbours and began disparaging her husband.

“Aol! Aol! Aol! An Nyar Kano naromo gi ang‘owa ni dichuo. Konya uru, aluoko lach nyathi gi mar dichuo, aol an adok dalawa (I am tired of this life, what is this I have in the name of a husband? How can I clean urine for both my husband and kid? I am tired of this marriage. I‘m leaving!),” the woman screamed repeatedly.

Neighbours who thronged the house, thinking there was an emergency couldn’t help but laugh their heads off as others taunted the man for being an embarrassment to men, and interrupting their sleep.

The woman shamed her drunk husband, loudly announcing that he once in a while wets the bed but this time around he had done it intentionally in a fit of rage to get back at her.

“He always pees in bed especially when drunk and I have never revealed it, but this time around he really annoyed me. He timed just after I joined him in bed, and woke up, pulled out his ‘thing‘ and proceeded to urinate on me just because I told him I was not in the mood to sleep with him,” the woman told a crowd of neighbours who had flocked her house.

The embarrassment is said to have sobered up Ochieng’, who desperately tried to beg for forgiveness from his wife, promising not to repeat the same, but she would hear none of it.

According to one neighbour, the man’s woes began when he was forcefully retrenched from a non-governmental organisation where he was working as a field officer early in the year.

Having no stable source of income, his wife, who sells cereals in Migori town, became the family‘s breadwinner. On this fateful night the man retired to bed an angry man all because his wife denied him conjugal rights, claiming she was not in the mood and was tired from a long day‘s toil at the market.

The marriage now hangs in the balance because after shaming her husband, the woman is said to have packed and left the home with her three children.

“Their six-year marriage is in turmoil, the woman left the following morning with children, leaving the man a laughing stock in the village,” said a neighbour. The man is said to have sent emissaries to his wife‘s home to initiate reconciliation, but they were turned away.