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Hessy wa Kayole: It is not true that I am dead


After unidentified Nairobi cops took to the social media to fight crime wave in Eastlands, the gangsters have devised ways to fight back online.

The crime busters going by the pseudo name Hesy wa Dandora, Hesy wa Kayole, Hessy wa Huruma and Blackest Widow run Facebook pages; Dandora Crime Free, Dandora Love People and Kayole Crime Free with 189, 841 followers members to fight crime.

Here, identities of alleged criminals are shared by the police. The men behind the page urge the youth to quit crime and hand over their weapons to the police. But when they are gunned down by people believed to be police, or killed by mob — photos of their dead bodies, often bullet-riddled, are quickly posted on the same pages for all to see.

And as human rights activists come out to fight this new ‘strategy’ of fighting crime, the gangsters drawn from organised gangs like Gaza, 40 Brothers and Tsunami have devised ways to counter the cops.

On May 3, people believed to be members of the gangs posted on blogs news about the death of Hessy wa Kayole. According to the post, members of Gaza had killed him in retaliation and his weapon taken away.

The blogs suspected to be run by the gang members and people sympathetic to them, identified Corporal Japhet Mwiti as the said “Hessy”. The Nairobian has established that Corporal Mwiti was killed by gangsters in Kayole on March 19, 2017.

Also after the so-called “prettiest” gangster Claire Njoki was killed two months ago, her fellow thugs opened a Facebook page in her name. Here they claimed that Claire was still alive.

Many others have opened Facebook accounts bearing the name “Hessy” to fight the undercover cops. Many have threatened to reveal identities of the said Hessy wa Kayole and his ilk.

It is this information that has been sneaked into the mainstream media. The crime buster however told The Nairobian the information disseminated emanated from dubious people plotting to bring down their war on crime.

In a Facebook inbox the cop said:

“I have never talked to the media. They’re writing things basing on the information given to them by criminals. Yesterday (May 3) they said Hessy wa Kayole is dead, and that he is well known as Japheth Mwiti. Now, that’s an officer who died in March this year, he was shot dead by gangs in Kayole,” he said.

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