David Moya said he had to fly to Mauritius to surprise Sarah Kabu on her flight in the middle of the night.
By Davis Muli Jun. 28, 2022
Sarah said she has never received an apology from her step-daughter, and thus they are yet to move forward.
By Davis Muli Jun. 7, 2022
Entrepreneur Simon Kabu has hinted that rumors circulating on social media about their pregnancy could be true.
By Davis Muli Jun. 5, 2022
Bonfire Adventures chairman and CEO Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah are ready to have another child together.
By Diana Anyango May. 30, 2022
Sarah says they have been having issues in their marriage for 10 years. Sarah confessed that the things they have been showing on social media are only the good moments.
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By Cheptoek Boyo Apr. 17, 2022
Barely a day after an explosive interview where she highlighted some intimate details of her marriage, Bonfire Adventures MD Sarah Kabu is now asking for forgiveness from her husband Simon.
By Vincent Kejitan Apr. 13, 2022
We had organized a Valentine's weekend getaway to Amboseli and his plan was to engage me at the top of the observatory hill in Amboseli.
By Diana Anyango Apr. 12, 2022
They were considered the ideal couple by many. Lavish living, expensive trips and a booming business. The Kabus, as they were popularly referred to, were living their best life.
By Vincent Kejitan Apr. 12, 2022
Kabu had a question and answer session with his fans, allowing his 300,000 followers to pose their questions in the wake of the reports.
By Kirsten Kanja Apr. 6, 2022