Media personality Caroline Mutoko. 

Media personality Caroline Mutoko is standing her ground after being called out by netizens over her sentiments about PSVs on the newly constructed expressway.

"I said what I said and I did not stutter," she shared on her Instagram.

In response to a news tweet, Carol seemed surprised at the presence of matatus on the expressway. This is after the Mlolongo toll station accident involving a PSV on Monday, July 4, which saw over 20 people injured.

"Wait we now have Matatus on the expressway? Courting trouble," wrote Caroline.

A section of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) did not receive this comment well, saying the expressway is open to all types of vehicles.

"It's clear you don't know 60% of people who live in Nairobi walk to work, 35% use public transport (matatus), and only 5% of them use cars and that the biggest share of cars on the roads are government-owned. So according to you, only 5% should use the Nairobi Expressway? "Alinur Mohamed responded among other Kenyans on Twitter.

Caroline shared a video lamenting the level of indiscipline on Kenyan roads and the need to address this pandemic.

"The myopia of anybody thinking that my concern on PSV (Public Service Vehicles) being on the expressway is about the PSVs... It's about the fact that number one, as a people we are indisciplined. As nairobians, we are grossly indisciplined, and PSVS in Nairobi are massively indisciplined," Caroline said.

She added that there is no problem with PSVs being on the expressway but on condition that their speed governors are back on.

"It should be a prerequisite for PSV to have a speed governor on the expressway, not because of the few accidents that we have seen..."

Mutoko said one can easily be tempted to drive at 140kmph on the expressway, oblivious of the risks it poses.

"We are grossly indisciplined as a people. Nairobians are the worst and then our PSVs are terrible," she stated.

Mutoko also called for a change of attitude among road users to avert future accidents.

Aside from the speed governors, the media personality called for the implementation of stricter penalties and heavy fines to ensure sanity is restored on the expressway.

"I hope that someone is working on punitive fines for the expressway. I hope they look like Sh20,000…Sh10,000... because we can't be trusted to behave. Nairobians are grossly indisciplined and we have proved it," Caroline said.

Adding: "I don't know how many times Mlolongo has to be built and rebuilt...and in this country and city…PSVs tunangoja siku gari itatoka huko juu iende chini. Mark my words. Stop giving me nonsense." 

"When I say we are caught in trouble, we are and you know it. Shame on you for making this about anything but lives. This expressway…kabla we wake up and get serious…tutaua wengi. Take a seat. I said what I said. We are caught in trouble." She concluded.

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