Anthony Kahura Mwangi, alias Pastor T. 

Anthony Kahura Mwangi, alias Pastor T, has explained why he did not conform to dowry payment demands for his wife. In an interview with a local TV station, he equated paying dowry with buying a woman who is going to be in your house.

The youth pastor further described his daughter as priceless, stating that there cannot be negotiations on her worth. “I have a daughter, and I cannot sell her,” he said.

When asked how he navigated the customary dowry payments for his wife with the in-laws, Anthony disassociated himself from this practice.

“I told them the value of my wife is the blood of Jesus and that blood cannot be compared to anything.”

His wife’s parents tried to bring the elders on board for negotiations to no avail. According to Pastor T, all he did was appreciate his wife’s parents.

“Honour is communication that you are capable and able to take care of their child. But do not introduce the negotiation, ni kama unanunua,” he said.

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