Socialite Huddah Monroe. 

Huddah Monroe is among the pioneers of the modern socialite 'boss ladies' era in Kenya. Huddahthebosschick, as she calls herself on Instagram, rose to fame thanks to her raunchy photos on social media platforms and her appearances in music videos and is now a permanent fixture in most showbiz events.

However, over the years, Huddah became a businesswoman and is now running entrepreneurial establishments and driving the best cars in town. Like many socialites, such as the Kardashian sisters, Huddah ventured into cosmetics, launching several brands, including skin care products and a lingerie line.

Aside from having men 'thirst' after her photos on Instagram and launching her businesses, Huddah has become even more famous on social media as she minces no words in stating her opinions.

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Huddah has found herself on the receiving end from netizens over the recent years, mainly for how she reacts in online fights, with the latest brawl involving YouTuber Murugi Munyi, formerly known as Yummy Mummy.

The heated social media brawl began after Murugi Munyi received the new cosmetic PR package from Huddah and decided to review it. The influencer shared her opinions and began by likening the Probiotics anti-aging kit packaging to a success card before she pointed out the red flags she had noticed with the products' ingredients.


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Huddah responded to Murugi's sentiments in a series of Instagram stories and first thanked her for taking the time to review her company's products before she disagreed with the YouTuber's way of reviewing, saying she criticized her products without trying them out.

"Thanks Murugi for posting about the PR package we sent you but how's what's written about the product a red flag? Try products and give honest feedback because they work 100%," said Huddah.

In response, Murugi claimed to have taken offense over Huddah's statements, saying she had been using and promoting other Huddah Cosmetics products and did not understand why the businesswoman attacked her.

Still, the duo's feud quickly took a turn for the worst, with Huddah hurling unprintable insults in a series of Instagram stories and body shaming the YouTuber. Murugi, who had disclosed she suffered from weight loss despite undergoing liposuction, responded to Huddah's insults by encouraging other women to love their bodies regardless of their size or other people's opinion.

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Huddah received a lot of backlash from netizens, most of who felt that she overreacted and went overboard with the debasing insults toward Murugi. However, this is not the first time she has been called out for fat-shaming people.

In 2019, the cosmetics entrepreneur came under fire for attacking and body shaming American rapper and singer Lizzo, who promotes body positivity via her Instagram page. It all started when the rapper did an interview and recounted the tough times she went through to be able to fit in the entertainment industry as she was expected to look a certain way.

While some of her fans commended the move, saying it was a way to encourage young girls to accept themselves in their skin, others, including Huddah, blasted her, claiming she promoted obesity and needed to be shunned.

In her defense, Huddah said the society was comfortable with labeling other people skinny, yet when the roles are reversed, the debate is switched to promoting body positivity.

Two years later, the socialite apologized for the mean comments, saying she used the experience to grow and help others. 

Her apology came after Murugi positively reviewed her products but pointed out she still hated them because Huddah openly fat-shamed people.

"I'm truly sorry for asking inconsiderate questions on body types several years ago and apologize to anyone I hurt. If you knew me personally, you'll definitely know, I am never that type of person to hate on anyone. Esp not on body as mine will surely not be this way forever.

"I love everyone equally. But thanks to that, I used that experience to grow, helping others to understand how some statements are completely unacceptable as you never know who you hurt here on social media," read Huddah's apology.

But Huddah has been vocal on other issues, especially relationships, where she openly voices her opinions regardless of someone's status. For instance, she recently dragged down Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage following her interview, where she said she was not looking for a man with money to date.

In a series of Instagram stories, Huddah uttered derogatory words toward the singer, saying she married men for money. Huddah told Savage to "stop acting like a saint" on the internet and further accused her of sleeping with other people's husbands for money.

"And don't y'all say I'm jealous of Tiwa Savage. Lol, coz I like her music but doesn't inspire me. I don't see anything as a woman she has that I want. I don't wanna be a certain age still running the streets and shaking body until it breaks," read part of her posts after receiving criticism.

Just weeks ago, Huddah joined an online debate about women wearing underpants where she said that panties gave her infections, adding that she doesn't own any. But Huddah got offensive, saying she wondered why women wore panties and said that the undergarments were for people with smelly private parts as they need them "to trap that odor".

The Big Brother star has continued to voice her opinions on different issues despite backlash from netizens. From saying that women are to be blamed for badly raising African men to criticizing celebrities for posting their babies on social media, Huddah has proved she will stop at nothing to ensure people know what she thinks, despite the consequences.