Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah.

Bonfire Adventures chairman and CEO Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah are ready to have another child together.

The couple posted a video on Instagram while on a dinner date with a plate of dessert written, “Ready to be a dad again.”

In the video, Sarah asked her husband whether he was ready to be a dad again, to which Simon answered, “Yes I am.”

Netizens were quick to congratulate the business moguls on their decision to expand their family.

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The news came as a relief to many fans, considering the two almost called their marriage quit a few months ago.


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According to Sarah, their marriage was far from perfect, but they pretended to be couple goals on social media to impress fans.

“50 or 70 percent has been what you see on social media. Very blissful. We have had our good times but we have also had our bad times which we do not show on social media.

“Sometimes when I meet people they tell me that I inspire them and we are ‘couple goals but I wished I had simple and peaceful unions like theirs,” she said.

The mother of two said that her husband‘s baby mamas had started giving her a difficult time after learning of their investments in their children.

“Since we gifted our children properties publicly they have been very aggressive but he has been supporting them,” said Sarah.

Setting the record straight, Sarah said she knew of Simon’s baby mamas before they officiated their union and asked him to keep them at bay.

 “Kabu had a relationship with someone and had a daughter. He also had a relationship with someone else and had a son. By the time I was getting married, I was aware of his baby mamas, and he assured me that they will not interfere with our marriage. He said they are comfortable where they are, and he has been supporting them from a distance,” she said.

However, Sarah quickly took back her words during the candid YouTube interview with Christine Lewis on The Voice of EA (East Africa). She pleaded with her husband Kabu for forgiveness and a chance to sort out their issues privately.

“Sorry my Fam. When I was in distress I said things that i shouldn’t have said online and thus misleading. Life is a lesson and we learn everyday. Forgive me Simon. Let’s sort our issues off-line. All is well,” she said.

Sarah and her husband rekindled their love following her public apology and have been inseparable since.