Ruth Mucheru.

Ruth Mucheru, who was David Mwaure’s running mate in the August elections, has said she was trolled by some after the deputy presidential debate.

At the debate, she came across as serious and corporate-like, determined to sell the Agano Party’s manifesto but she admits she was somewhat nervous.

“I was a bit nervous, especially when I walked in, which was a reality check - hearing the national anthem being played and being told that there will be over 50 million watching even from abroad. Tension is immense at that moment. And everyone was texting me to say they were watching. The pressure was massive!” she says.

She was also very aware that she was the only one who was going to be on that platform who was a first-time politician.

“I felt prepared in my way, but going there, I knew I was the only first-timer. The rest had been in the game. Justina (Wamae) had been in it in 2017 then came back, so she knew how to play around,” she says.

Not that being a first-timer fazed her.


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“I did not feel intimidated. I went there with a positive mind about winning. That is how I am. However huge an issue looks, I always go in with a winning attitude,” she says.

Ruth and Justina were running on opposing platforms, with the Roots Party manifesto being marijuana-based, while the Agano Party had heavy Christian undertones.

After the debate, social media debate was rife with discussions about their performance.

“There was a lot of kudos but a lot of people bashing me and also telling me, Uliwezwa wewe!’’ she says.

“I would just ask them whether they would manage it given the opportunity, and it would end there. The family was telling me, ‘You know what Ruth? It was baptism by fire.’”

And what did she think of it?

“I am not a debater. What I call myself is a worker. I am more of a workaholic than a debater. But I would not say I performed badly, being a first-timer. I think I performed very well. I think it was daring and I did well. If I am called back for a second time, it cannot be the same,” she says.

The experience gave her a lot of exposure and changed her life drastically, and today she is recognised everywhere she goes.