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Comedian Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend Carol Sonie now going by the name Carol Muthoni has revealed she has started new social media pages.

Speaking in a recent YouTube interview, the social media influencer explained that she was forced to abandon her Instagram page with more than 82,000 followers and start over after a disagreement between her and Mulamwah over the page.

“Sometimes I think it is good to accept loss. Let me just say, Carrol Sonie, I am not managing it, I don’t own the account. I don’t have it, I am not managing it, I don’t run it. I run my own account that I have started. I decided to start afresh because you know also it's just best I start afresh and accept things went the way they went and It’s time to move on. What happened was that my ex and I came to a disagreement about the account and I personally just don’t like that back and forth so I started over,” she said.

Carol assured her fans that she would give them the details of their argument when she feels better, saying she is not in a good place emotionally.

“The story is really long and I’m not in a position to talk much about it because I’m still not okay but when I get the time I will tell you guys what exactly happened.  At the moment just know that I don’t own Carrol Sonie, both Instagram and Facebook, I have opened my own. I now go by the name Carrol Muthoni. I dropped Sonie,” she added.



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Carol called upon men to make their intentions clear at the onset of the relationship to avoid misunderstanding and wasting each other’s time.

“Men I think it is very important first of all if you approach a girl, kindly tell her your true motive with her. Let’s stop using each other. It is good if we become honest with each other,” she said.  

For the ladies, the mother of one asked them to ensure they are financially stable in case the relationship goes south.

“For the girls please if you are going to date someone, make sure you are financially stable. Just make sure you have your own money, don’t depend on any man. Make sure you are okay financially and generally so that even if you are dumped you can survive on your own. Also, love yourself. Before you love anyone please love yourself first.”


The celebrity couple split about two months ago with Carol revealing they amicably went separate ways.

“This is to make it clear that Mulamwah and I are no longer together. We have both agreed to part ways for reasons best known to us. Thank you so much for the love and support you gave us for those four years, I personally do not take it for granted,” said the actress.

 Mulamwah and Sonie [Courtesy]