Content creator Murugi Munyi [Courtesy]

Content creator Murugi Munyi formerly known as Yummy Mummy has been forced to explain her comment on sanitary pad use after likening the experience to being a cavewoman.

According to her initial post, Murugi explained that due to her recent cosmetic surgery she is unable to bend properly and is therefore unable to use her preferred menstrual tools, resorting to sanitary towels that make her feel like a cavewoman.

“Because I can't really bend, I won't be able to use a cup or tampons. I'm going to have to use pads like a cavewoman. Yuck!” she wrote.

Some of her followers were far from impressed by her remarks and she came out to clarify what she meant.

Murugi said that she did not refer to anyone as a ‘cave woman’ and only used the expression to describe the lack of use of something for a long time.

”I have seen some of you trying to twist my words and get mad cause I said I feel like a cavewoman when I use pads. Excuse me, please. I have not called you a cavewoman, it is a sarcastic expression when you are forced to use something that you feel you have evolved or progressed beyond.  And for me, after using the cup, it literally feels like a lifetime ago that is used pads, hence my expression ‘like a cave woman’” she wrote.


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The influencer went on to caution social media users against constantly looking for something to argue about when there is none, advising them to explore their triggers.

“If you feel triggered by that babe, maybe you should explore why. Why me referring to and describing my own menstrual care and journey is making you feel ashamed, triggered or upset.  Honestly, some of you are just sitting somewhere trying to find something to complain or be offended about and it's rotten behavior,” she added.


Murugi underwent liposuction a few days ago and is currently in the process of recovery.

Opening up on the reason for undergoing the procedure in a separate post, she explained that after having her children and losing weight, her midsection remained flabby and therefore wanted to get rid of it.

"My third and final birthday gift to myself is a tummy tuck which I will be getting soon! Guys, I can't tell you how excited I am about this. After three kids it really doesn't matter how much I work out, that loose skin on my lower belly is permanent and I dislike it a lot!" she wrote.

The influencer explained that she will however not share the experience on social media for fear of criticism.

 Murugi Munyi [Courtesy]

“I don't want to because of the unnecessary and unsolicited opinions that people always feel the need to share and I know this one can be controversial. So once I decide I will let y'all know or you'll just see me one day here with a flat stomach and no explanation,” she added.