As in the first “Black Panther,” the question again hangs in the balance of whether, in a pain-ridden and prejudiced world, rage is the answer.
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By AP Nov. 9, 2022
“Blonde” takes viewers on a surreal journey through the short life of Norma Jeane Baker, from her childhood with a single mother living with schizophrenia.
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By AP Sep. 24, 2022
Despite it being Tosh Gitonga’s directorial debut, Nairobi Half Life ended up being watched by over 20,000 people, with box office revenues of about Sh8.15 million.
When Look Both Ways launched on Netflix in August, it was among the top 10 most watched movies on Netflix.
“Me Time” was written and directed by John Hamburg and it is as fine a premise as any to pair a standard straight man with a wild and crazy friend from his youth.
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By AP Aug. 26, 2022
There has been an increase of Kenyan films on streaming platforms and independent films making news.
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By Aug. 20, 2022
Watching Reality Television is a guilty pleasure for many. It is a good way to ease stress and stay in touch with popular culture.
Kenya’s budding filmmakers are showcasing their films at the ongoing Filamu International Students Film Festival in Nairobi.
The six-episode drama series directed by Victor Mbaya is set in a small village called Tsilanga, officially known as Silanga,
In only three years, Blessing Lung’aho has made a name for himself with his roles in two of Kenya’s most popular telenovelas - Maria and Zora.