Members of the Luo Council of Elders argue that the practice was devised to enhance well-being of women when their husbands die
By James Omoro Mar. 14, 2022
“Most single people vying for various elective positions are well educated. I challenge them to use the knowledge they acquired from school to win over partners.
By James Omoro Jul. 1, 2022
A section of Luo elders is concerned that young Luo men are abandoning polygamy.
By James Omoro Aug. 26, 2022
Father Tom Nicholas Mboya has expressed concern over lewd dressing by some churchgoers, which he says is perpetrating moral decadence.
By James Omoro Oct. 14, 2022
The Pastor says he made a decision to mix 'water with wine' while leading a prayer service in Rae SDA church three years ago.
By James Omoro Oct. 30, 2022