The financial analyst says that even when you are in a relationship, it is important to keep your family and friends close as they provide an importan
By Annie Awuor Mar. 12, 2022
We are living in a time where children from the time they talk and walk are bombarded with Western culture
Crazy Monday
By Annie Awuor Apr. 9, 2022
“People cheat because of their own unresolved inner conflicts. Unless in cases where a person is struggling with sexual addictions.”
Social Scene
By Annie Awuor Apr. 16, 2022
According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2014, 40.7 per cent of women aged 15-49 years have experienced intimate partner physical and/or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime.
By Annie Awuor Apr. 30, 2022
Some put on weight, throw up in the morning and develop insatiable cravings while waking up in the middle of the night to satisfy them. 
By Peter Muiruri and Annie Awuor Jun. 18, 2022