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The standard insider

What you need to know about electric blankets

By Vincent Kejitan | 2 weeks ago

These blankets can cause low-temperature burns which can go as far as damaging both the outer and underlying layers of the skin.

10 modern ways you make money online in Kenya today
Life Hacks

From online surveys to renting out your house, there is no shortage of clever ways to make an online income.

By John Mwangi | 3 weeks ago

How spouses hide ‘clande’ names in phones

Catching a cheating spouse is very easy, but first, you’ll have to break through the security pattern of their phone and get the PIN to unlock it.

By David Odongo | 3 weeks ago

Working night shifts may lead to mood swings or heart diseases

Lack of sleep, explains Dr Nyagah, leads to high blood pressure, heart diseases, strokes and diabetes, among others.

By Mercy Kahenda | 3 weeks ago



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