Should Kenyans seek an alternative method of talent identification instead of the government curriculum given the high youth unemployment? We speak to Prof Humphrey Oborah from African Federation for Gifted and Talented.

How important is it for a child's career path to be identified at a young age?

It’s vital as it enables parents to know where to invest their money, time and effort so that children do not end up with mismatched careers or jobless. Why invest in what you can't anticipate or forecast results?  Why provide an injection to a patient without a prior diagnosis?

What are your thoughts on the methods of evaluation used in the Kenyan curriculum?

I’d say it’s akin to guesswork as there's no scientific method behind it.

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Has the government delivered on its promise to create employment for the youth?

It's a ‘no’. Youth unemployment is getting worse and partly to blame is our outdated learning system.

What does the process of unearthing one's talent entail?

We undertake a scientific assessment to determine one’s potential and thereby advise on how best to develop it.

Has the pandemic affected your talent clinics?

Talent clinics are centres with tools to unearth ones’ talent. Talent is not sports, comedy, music and the likes. They are not medical clinics hence, not affected by COVID-19.

PLO Lumumba speaking at a past function held by the organisation. Photo: Courtesy.

How's the uptake of talent identification?

We are gaining quite a huge following but more public awareness is required especially among the low-income areas. We received a boost after a few talent clinics were been donated to Africa by the World Talent Federation but more needs to be done to raise awareness.

Does the program entail apprenticeships?

Apprentice is just one of the exhibited opportunities once talent has been assessed, then a talent report and talent prescriptions generated. People learn through individual prescriptions.

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What advice would you offer unemployed youth?

It’s time to rediscover yourself and find your true path with the help of a scientific assessment of your innate and God-given talent.

Do you believe your methods of evaluation will one day go mainstream?

Kenya is late in adopting newer methods of identifying potential and in the process, we are wasting generations. Why should Kenya, for example, be 20 years behind Malaysia in matters education? Singapore and Korea were at the same level as Kenya currently is about 50 years ago. I believe that one day, key decision-makers will buy into the idea and in the process, transform our country.