You can bounce back after giving birth - just ask the celebs

By Kirsten Kanja | 2 months ago
An expectant woman and her partner. [Courtesy]

Celebrated iconic RnB singer Beyoncé Knowles sang in her 2011 track Run The World that women are literally “strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.”

It is an empowering song that hails women as not only child-bearers but home-makers and professionals in the business and corporate world.

“This goes out to all the women getting it in, you on your grind, to all the men that respect what I do, please accept my shine. Boy, you know you love it, how we smart enough to make these millions,” the lyrics, which she co-wrote with super-producer Terius "The-Dream" Nash go.

And the analogy that describes the strength it takes to endure pregnancy and childbirth before bouncing back to life, as usual, is reflected in popular culture.


Before Vera’s post-baby body revelation, there was that of content creator Fatma Banj.

Fatma, a content creator on YouTube with a sizeable social media following, is the girlfriend of popular blogger Aurther “Xtian Dela” Mandela.

The couple welcomed their first child on October 21. Dela announced the good news via Twitter, writing, “11.24 AM. I love you Fatma Banj.”

And Fatma, who was fit and toned before pregnancy did not waste time in showcasing the admirable bounce-back of her figure.

Just five days later, Fatma uploaded an Instagram photo looking just as toned and in shape as before the baby, wearing a white shirt dress and matching harness belt along with a pair of strappy high heels.


And it is not just those who get right back to their previous figures who celebrate themselves. Others describe the bodily changes they undergo during the journey to motherhood as life-changing, wearing stretch marks, extra weight and surgery scars with pride.

American pop star and Firework singer Katy Perry candidly showcased that the first weeks and months caring for an infant can be less than glamorous.


The journey to fitness after delivery is not easy - it requires balance and gentleness, according to a study by What To Expect, a pregnancy and parenting magazine.

The report recommends getting active soon after childbirth, suggesting beginning with a 30-minute walk daily, even within 24 hours from childbirth.

“If you had a vaginal birth without complications, as long as you are not experiencing any more serious symptoms you can begin modified pre-pregnancy exercises almost immediately after birth,” the report, Postpartum Fitness Tips for New Mums reads in part.

It adds: “If you had a C-section, you should start walking the day after delivery if possible, or as soon as you feel ready.

However, as far as exercise goes, you will most likely want to wait until at least the six-week mark — you did just have major surgery, after all.”

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