Kenyan celebrities accused of clout chasing in 2021

By Fay Ngina | 3 months ago
Gospel singer Ringtone.

We have seen celebrities do questionable things in the name of getting undeserved fame. This is mainly common with musicians when trying to promote new songs and albums. In Kenya, we have celebrities who have been branded serious clout chasers due to the extreme lengths they go to dupe their fans. 

Several Kenyans on social media have constantly called out their favourite celebrities for pulling absurd stunts for clout, some of who even go ahead and unsubscribe from their channels. However, despite their actions irritating most people, some of these celebrities are unwilling to stop as they believe it is the only way to make it in the competitive entertainment industry. 

Today, we take a look at some of the celebrities who have been accused of clout chasing in 2021.


In 2020, singer Bahati irritated many of his fans after lying about breaking up with Diana Marua, only to release a song a week after the stunt. Despite critics, Bahati, who switched from gospel to secular music, recently admitted to deliberately pulling stunts to promote his 10-song album Love like This. 

"I have been doing it on purpose. The way the industry is set up, I would not afford not to create talkability around my name, ‘’ said Bahati. 



The singer, who claims to be the wealthiest gospel artiste in East Africa is not new to controversies. In May this year, Ringtone claimed he would expose singer Guardian Angel for hypocrisy just days after he proposed to his girlfriend, Esther Musila. But as Kenyans guessed right, something was cooking behind the scenes and thus, did not delve much into Ringtone’s stunts. The duo later released a song dubbed Fagia, and it looks like the clout worked as the song garnered thousands of views days after it was uploaded on YouTube.