Juacali performing at Wasafi lounge on Kiambu road for the Genge Vibes Party. [Wilberforce Okwiri,Standard]

It is so nice to see clubz n lounges slowly not just re-opening but actually happening after what has been a 16-month seesaw between Jayden and the rhythm of rona – where now they are open, a few weeks they are shut.

And what better place to get on the scene for Smitts than our South B local that captures the season – the lounge called ‘Lockdown Lounge’?

Situate in the Hazina shoppie complex, it waz formerly called ‘Blue Flame’ – and its crowd was mostly forte-to- middle-aged walevis, the kind of dudes who don’t seem to have daytime jobs.

But wako na ka-truck that goes from Bungoma to Rwanda, or two old ma-threes on route 11, are either AWOL dads, senior bachelors, divorcees, or with wives who do not care/having affair, or else their marriages are going down in flames, n they are trying to put out the fire with beer from ‘Blue Flame.’

But three cool mamacitas bought it out, renovated it, got a very bae ambiance with in-section, out-section n a courtyard – not to mention lookers like Eunice @ le pubski – and now what we have is a funky thate-to-fifte-tops crowd, career chickas, MILFs n fun folks frequenting ‘Lockdown Lounge.’

So the other Wednesday, saw on LL WhatsApp that Solo Koko was checking out of the crime-ridden CBD to go for karaoke Wednesday at LL (it starts from one pam, and ends after the Fat Lady sings) ...

So I get there kedo four pam, n have to run in coz this brownie is just bringing the roof down.

Joined kina Esther (known her yonks), winsome Winnie Awuor, Wanja of the wonderful voice, n kina Mwiks as the music mix by the delightful DJ Deckstar went down.

Tequilas were also going down throats like confetti, and as DJ Deckstar put it ‘tequila never lets you down, it understands its assignment – on a night out, to make you hit the floor.’ Lol.

Hosted by Renee, her co-host Melaki aka Mel B is the most energetic hostess ever, n once Eunice had served me nuff vodoski, we entertained peeps with ‘My Baby, My Baby,’ re-enacting video where gal struts n boy chases after her in that animated video of the hit song.

Songs flowed, the Smitts had a hit with ‘3 Doors Down’ Be Like That – but hurt knees crashing to the floor at the end of The Muse’s ‘Plug In, Baby’ song (n, boy, itz also hard to sing that one).

Met up with ole pal, Willy, whom I last saw at the funeral service of our late mutual pal Martin Oduor, Chief Magistrate, as well as with yellow yellow mwalimu from Lil Leo’s kindergarten (nursery school [email protected] karaoke).

Sato found us back at the Lockdown Lounge, not really for the ‘mature reggae’ – we are rocker rastas, not guys of Jah Jah – but coz it was one Charles aka Cool Radio’s BDay, n for the mbuzi.

Somehow, n coz of the mighty crew of DJs Norman, Romain, Harris, Slim n Spanner spinning them decks, found meself staying on n on, esp coz they were also playin’ genge from time-to-time, n the overall mix pleased all the peeps kwa courtyard – full of cars, cool peeps, whiskey.

At some point, some cop chiquitta (showed me ID) offered to buy the Smitts vodoski.

Got paranoid – with Kagongo Caro still on the loose, cannot take the risk – got cute Eunice to sneak me out of LL – but Cool Radio, who was my ‘getaway’ moti back to my cool cribski, was nowhere to be seen.

Lez just say unlike my banter buddy Mugambi Kiai who went to Alliance, our Charlo went to Alliance ... Francaise.

On Monday noon when Cool Radio invited peeps back for ‘CEO Monday,’ one Welobski had it.

Sending us a hang-down vid on WhatsApp from the offey, he snarled: “wacha sisi tuchape kazi hapa ofisi; ma-CEO mjibambe huko kwa Lockdown!” lol.

Smitta Bonus: Tonite finds us re-united with an ole pal Mike ‘Slaughter’ Tawfiq at Westlands. Where his very funky band the ‘Hot Rod’ will be entertaining peeps at Bilbao Restaurant & Lounge. Heard good things about Bilbao, n will tell how it all went up there in Westie next week.