Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz Photo:Courtesy

Radio presenter and video vixen, the beauty who had tried to box Bridget out of Nick Mutuma’s life - Tanasha Donna - has gone missing after Diamond revealed they have a thing going on.

Now married and happy with a baby, Nick and Bridget had a patchy moment about three years ago over the go-happy girl whom Diamond insinuated is his new found love - that after falling out with Zari, Hamisa and a chain of other in-the-limelight lovers.

“Oya msimbati, mimi nipo kwenu, nimekuja na shemeji yenu, tumekuja kula good time. Ina maanisha hapa ndio sehemu nzuri kuliko kokote,” Diamond comments before posting a photo of him having a cosy time with the Tanasha.

“I love you Tanasha,” Diamond charmed on. “Poor lion is in love, trust me he is in love.”

After the story broke on Tuesday, Tanasha’s phone went off and she shut followers off her Instagram.

She did not report to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and her friends insisted they didn’t know where she was.

“She hasn’t reported to work and I am clueless about all these things,” one of the three colleagues we called said after trying to reach her in vain.

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