Timeless Noel X Hype Ochi X Jabidii [Photo:Courtesy]

There has been a steady rise of a new trend in music. Artistes are releasing songs representing the hoods they come from and drawing attention inwards, instead of going down the trodden path of courting national appeal.

Lamba Lolo - Ethic Entertainment (Reckless, Swat, Zilla and Seska)

Lamba Lolo Crew [Photo: Courtesy]

Lamba Lolo is one of the most famous songs in the country right now. The ‘Lamba lolo’ phrase hit to fame late last year and got more popular with DJ drops and through local reggae shows and jam sessions. Though poorly shot the video of this song carries choreography which is largely comprised of ‘Odi’ and ‘Kanyanga Lami’ dance styles which can trace their origins in the various hoods across Nairobi.

Speaking to a local TV station the group members say they were good friends before they teamed up for the song and they come from the same hood in Umoja. They were rappers and when they met they started rapping and that’s how the idea of the song came to be.

After the release, some people felt that the song won’t go anywhere considering the quality of song production, which many felt wasn’t up to standard. Two months later the group has everyone in the country on their feet putting their best foot forward dancing to ‘Lamba Lolo’.

Fast forward to two months later the group now boasts of more than 1.5 million views on YouTube under their belt. They also got to curtain raise for Chronixx when he was doing his ‘Chronology world tour’. The song has since been refixed by Livia Grasha. On Monday the group riding on their new found fame released a new song Position featuring The Kansoul.

Odi - Timeless Noel ft Jabidii and Hype Ochi.

Timeless Noel X Hype Ochi X Jabidii [Photo:Courtesy]

This song started as a dance challenge, ‘Odi’ means an ‘ordinary’ hustler in the ghetto. The dance style has its roots deep in the ghetto and has been used in different song videos.

Timeless Noel took the dance style up and started the ‘Odi dance challenge’ which became viral and everybody was learning this new dance style that came about after ‘Bazokizo’ slowly faded away from the scene. He says taking up the challenege was to interact with the people in the ghetto

Noel would receive videos of the challenge sent to him and post them on both his social media accounts and YouTube for his fans to vote who did it the best. Jabidii told Pulse in a past interview that he was in studio when a friend approached him to freestyle about the dance instead of him using another song to do it.

He recorded the freestyle, which is the chorus in the song, and sent it to Noel who reached out to him and Ochi to record the song professionally. Not long after they released KDF, a song after a now famous snack in all the ghettos which came with its own dance style.

This year we grooved to ‘Odi’ way at the Groove awards with the song that was once a challenge turning the trio into a success and winning them four awards, the song was also the most downloaded Skiza tune. Jabidii and Timeless Noel also have a new dance challenge that is slowly growing, ‘Kanyanga Lami’ which is a popular dance style among Pulsers.

They performed during the Chronixx concert with the dance being the shine of the night with everybody trying to groove it.

Mat za Ronga – Tunji ft Khaligraph


Not many people knew about Tunji before he released the club banger Mat za Ronga. A song that has made him a star and even caught the attention of Khaligraph. The ‘Shhrap’ ambassador says that he loves the matatu’s from his hood and believes in the whole world there aren’t any like them.

He just wanted to appreciate them by releasing the song, which he felt the operators would gladly play in the matatu’s, which would be a free form of marketing for him.

Tunji says the song caught Khaligraph’s attention who commented on their YouTube channel and that how they came together for the remix.

They made the remix more of a Nairobi matatu’s theme song garnering more than 600,000 views.

Kasayole - Timmy T Dat ft Khaligraph.

Khaligraph and Timmy [Photo: Courtesy]

Khaligraph and Timmy have been trending for the better part of this year from their music to their controversy.

The two hail from Kayole and Kasabun respectively and in this song the rep their hoods in Eastlands rapping about which ghetto is the best among the two and they take a highlight on police brutality. The song boasts of more than 1.1 million views on Youtube.