DJ Dii

She is among a crop of female DJs who are making a breakthrough in a once male-dominated industry. Now Deejay Dii, speaks about love, challenges and her zeal to reach the top:

Pulse: Deejay Dii is now a respected brand. Did you ever think you would get a breakthrough like this in a male-dominated career?

Deejay Dii: I am happy with the progress I have made and I thank everyone that has been supporting my career especially my fans. I have met different people and understood the industry slightly differently. Also, I have travelled quite a bit as a result of my work and this has opened my thinking as an artiste.

P: Has it been a smooth sail?

D: I would say being underestimated just because I am a female DJ has at sometimes posed a barrier. However, it is for me to work and prove that I am up to the task so instead of complaining I decided to confront the challenges head on. So far so good.

P: Do you feel that the industry misunderstands female DJs?

D: Like I said, I think female or male, we should all work and show what we are worth. That said, I think we should have a balanced industry where all are given equal opportunities.

We have many female DJs who are worth recognition. For example, I admire DJ Poizon Ivy whom many don’t know. I think she has done very well for herself and I admire her effort and commitment.

P: Do you think your ‘hot’ look is a plus in your sudden rise?

D: Thanks, but I hope not. I want my work to determine my career path and not really my look. Let’s set the priorities clear.


P: You have been working with artistes on tour a lot. Is this the direction you want to take in your career?

D: Well as a DJ, we use artistes’ music in our career so it’s only prudent that we support them. So yes, I will continue to work closely with artistes besides doing my own shows, whether for corporate organisations or normal gigs.

P: Just how rough can it get out there…?

D: Once an artiste gave me a scratched CD for her performance tracks and of course the CD would skip. The artiste then turns to blame me... stuff happens! Sometime ago, I was almost hijacked after a gig. Some people followed me until I got to my place. I have never known who they were or what they wanted.

P: After the recent spike of deejay arrests, what do you think club promoters and owners need to do?

D: There needs to be a conversation between the county government, the National Environment Management Authority and the entertainment industry as a whole to establish reasonable parameters that can be used to determine when one is out of line.

Some of the arrests that have happened have been very unfair and it’s sad. Ours is a creative career and should be taken like any other profession.

P: What are some of the projects you are working on?

D: This year I am working on a television show. The details will be coming soon. I am also working on a tour. Besides, the Pool Party we used to have at the then Best Western Hotel is making a comeback this month so we are on for a good time.

P: You and Anita Nderu are quite a pair. Tell us something people don’t know about her….

D: She always speaks her mind, which is good.

P: It looks like you are at a good place in life…

D: Yes I am. It’s good to have someone in your life so yes, I’m dating.