Chero aka Chero Pie is a KTN TV host, MC and a fashionista.

1. First date was when I was 13 years. He was 17. We went to the park and had these long awkward moments.

2. I can sing Karaoke so well and I actually host Karaoke singing sessions.

3. I earned my first money by braiding basketball players back in the United States. I was making about 20 dollars.

4. I hate men who don’t support their children.

5. I love adventure.

6. I love ugali and mrenda.

7. I seem to trust people too much; I sort of give everyone the benefit of the doubt before engaging with them.

8. It was during my first date that this guy tried to kiss me. I had never experienced a kiss and all I can say it was awful; it was a shocker.

9. My greatest fear is making the wrong move, like parting ways with someone I love especially if I hurt them.

10. My most embarrassing moment was this day when my auntie cut off my Foxy Brown hair look for lying. The next day, everyone was laughing at me in school.