We often get to spot these luxurious car in fancy music videos but now, the real deal is here for fans to feat their eyes on.

Although it is not the only car that B-Club owner Barry owns- his yard presents an array for fancy rides- however, let’s keep it Lamborghini.

As you walk into Galana Plaza parking, this sexy sleek insect-inspired ride is what greets you. Well, did you know though, that the Lamborghini is a creation inspired by the mean customer’s experience that Ferrucio the inventor received when he went to change his clutch at Ferrari?

The frustration drove the invention of the Lamborghini tractors that were the first inventions and are still manufactured to date and from which the sports Lamborghini was created.

The Aventador is both the most powerful vehicle ever and the most fuel-efficient with a 6.5litre v12packs 691environmentally conscious horses that get 11/17mpgcity/highway!

The Aventador wings features three positions that change with the driving speed and conditions. They remain flat against its sexy body under 50mph, then lift to four degrees until the speed drops back down to 37mph and at 81mph and over.

The wing angles 11-degrees and at this point the body looks double sexier. The waiting line for Aventador is approximately 18-months! One could technically make two human babies waiting for the car, which by the way is tricky to transport babies in...!