You see a chance in the relationship but as soon as you completely let him in your life, he pulls a disappearing act

You have met a great guy. He has been a romantic and for the weeks you have been going out. You see a chance in the relationship but as soon as you completely let him in your life, he pulls a disappearing act. Here is why:

1. He has won the conquest

He won your heart over and he does not see the need to get in touch. No kidding, there are such kind of men out there. He is contented knowing that he has a girl somewhere and he does not see the need to keep the sparks glowing. His job is done. He will call someday. You just won't be able to predict his calling patterns.

2. Not calling is a test

He has proven himself to you, took you to every place that has been in your bucket list since forever, fulfilled every wish you uttered and professed the three words to you so passionately. While he has been a good sport, you have not done so much yourself and he needs to know if he means something to you, if his chivalry deeds have had any impact on you. So he won't get in touch. And he won't until you drop the selfish acts and do something for him too.

3. He has nothing to say

Women can talk for hours on phone, interestingly, men are wired differently. Men can call and let their women do the talking, so if the woman is a type that talks less, then he sees no point of calling until there is so much to catch up on and that can take weeks. When you think that he is gone forever he might just surprise you with a call.

4. He had you so easily

At first he was fascinated by you. He made the first move. You were too impatient to let him continue with the chase. You did all the work for him and didn't read his clues that he likes to be the hunter and not the prey. Maybe you went home with him on the first night? Don't stay too close to your phone, he won't call.

5. He wants time off away from you

You have been invading his space since the two of you became an item. You have been all over his social pages, tagging him to every post, demands to spend every second of his free time and you expect a phone call from him? He fears that you would ask how he is, where he is then suddenly you show up there. If you stop the clingy behaviours he will call.

6. He is a jerk

You are a good girlfriend but he just does not call. He is used to being pampered, a girl has to prove herself to him that she deserves him. There are signs to watch out for to know he is the kind of a man. Is he talking all about him? Is he giving you a long 'how to make him stay' guide? He does not call, don't wait up on him.