L-R: Longombas and Kleptomaniacs. Their exit left fans with more questions than answers


She may have hit the music scene in 2013 but it was the Ligi Soo remix that officially introduced her to the industry and she instantly climbed ranks becoming one of the most promising rappers that year. Riding on that big release, she then released Mkali Wao, a solo project that was received well. Things couldn‘t get better until her breakup with Jay A was splashed all over the media. Come 2014, Taurus offered her, it is claimed, a Sh30 million record deal with other goodies attached but that too did not last.

The company terminated the contract in January of that year. When that was over and it was expected she would release some hits, she got married to producer Kevin Bosco Jr in a secret wedding and has not released any other song since. 2015 was the last we heard of her.

Meg C

After the release of Under 18, [email protected]‘s mega hit that had her featured as a video girl, Meg C became one of the most popular showbiz girl and soon, she started dating Dennis Oliech. It boosted her image as one of the most followed showbiz acts.

She released singles like Elewa (featuring Bobby Mapesa) and Nipe. The media speculated that she would become one of the biggest female stars. But that was all, or, the last we heard of her. She got married and lost her husband tragically. And off she went from showbiz circles.


Kleptomaniax is one of the greatest music groups Kenya has ever produced. They still could make it to the top if their expected reunion works. In 1999, the trio made up of Collo (Collins Majale), Roba (Robert Manyasa) and Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu) was the force to reckon with. Unapologetic they dropped hit after hit.

They even got a surprise nomination for MTV Europe Music Awards. While many of the young Pulsers only know of Collo, Klepto are still remembered for their club bangers Haree, Twendelee and Maniax Anthem that blew up local charts. After their USA tour in 2007, they parted ways to the disappointment of many. Nyashinski and Roba relocated to America and that was the last we heard of them until 2013 when Nyashinski dropped Wanahepa. Their gossiped comeback – especially after Nyashinski recently released a hit single Letigo with Nameless – is one of the biggest stories the public is waiting to happen.

Camp Mulla

They could easily have been the best thing out of Africa. After a massive success only few will ever enjoy in the tough Kenyan market, they came, conquered and then the group died. Their alternative hip-hop, fashion and attitude won the hearts of many. They dropped Party Don‘t Stop in 2010 and the party went on. It was game on. They would go to win all manner of awards from Chaguo La Teeniez to becoming the first Kenyans to be nominated for BET awards. With worldwide trips, opening acts, rubbing shoulders with who‘s who the big bomb was finally dropped. With several tours scheduled in 2013, it was shock when their label Sub Sahara Entertainment went ahead to issue a press release announcing that the group made up of Miss Karun, Taio Tripper, Shappaman and Marcus had split up. Miss Karun the lead vocalist was going to the US to study and pursue her solo career with Taio Tripper working on his solo project as well. That was the end. Even with the addition of new members, shows, interviews and all sorts of attempts the management did to revive the group, it was gone.


She may have been a one hit wonder when she recorded Toklezea featuring Abbas but whatever the case, it was a hit and she got the attention. The crowd was ready for more. Besides, she had the X-factor that got her attention from the media and fans. However, with every factor working in her favour to become the biggest thing, in 2012 she disappeared. The next thing we heard the following year she was saved and in a serious relationship with producer J Blessing; her career was done and dusted.


Just what happened to this talented Grandpa rapper, Renee? Watching Fimbo ya Tatu, Grandpa‘s 2015 mega hit, one would have believed that the sky was the limit for Renee. She had the youth, the looks the talent and a good music stable to ride on. But along the way, Renee fell off the music bandwagon. She focused on her day job and music took a back seat.


When K South made up of Bamboo and Abbas hit the scene in 1995, they offered the much needed hip-hop flavour. They released two major albums notably Nairoberry (in 2002) followed by the second album in 2004 titled Nairobizm with hits that real hip-hop lovers can recall. Bamboo, however, went solo and relocated to the US in 2005.

But that did not stop him from dropping hits Compe and Kabinti. His absence, however, after what were his biggest songs as a solo artiste, would cost him his career. Leaving America, he came back and at one point changed his name to Abraham after giving his life to God. He would go on to release several tracks including Like it Or Not, Solja and Yes Indeed, a song he did with Rufftone as well as Too Much Potential amongst others. But as things would turn, who thinks of Bamboo, the talented star, anymore?


His deep Americanised voice, witty lines and good looks were a perfect match for a promising career, which he had. Between 2004 to 2006, he was supreme at his game, releasing some of the best hits like Kantadda, Issues and Lifestyle that made him a household name. Then came his big hit Kantai and Happy with the then lesser known STL. However, when he was one of the biggest rappers in the game at the time, he went underground and the rumours started that he was drinking too much and he had hit rock bottom. He went quiet and was forgotten. It is only now that he is trying a comeback with one notable collabo with Khaligraph titled Ting Badi Malo, which might be his saving grace.


Whatever the case behind his sudden disappearance, it was a sad exit from the industry leaving his fans to date with many unanswered questions. Born Mohamed Abdulkarim in 1989, many theories abound as to what caused his disappeared. Before this, his career was at its peak with Amka Ukatike being one of the biggest songs.


It is not known why Flexx would leave the country while his songs were national anthems. From 2008 he released hit after hit having some of the most popular club bangers from then. He did Manzi Amejibeba, Fimbo Ya Mbali, Nyundo, Namba Yako and Kama Wanitaka and he had fans in droves. And when it couldn‘t have gotten any better he flew out of the country never to be heard of again.

[email protected]

He broke into the industry with his first song Sema Nami Sweetie that got mixed reactions until he did the collabo Paulina. He would go to work with other major artistes and release solo songs like Under 18 and Sitoi Kitu Kidogo that put him on the map arguably becoming one of the best Genge artists this country has had.

While a rising star who won and got nominated for several awards, he would fall off the entertainment scene to go for rehab after he came clean that he was an alcoholic and drug user. He was involved in a serious road accident in 2013 where he suffered multiple fractures. He has since then released a few songs that have not been able to get him back to the top.

Jimmy Gait

The Gospel artiste from a humble background has come under much backlash for several reasons; from the one million shillings he allegedly spent on the Makekes video to his much recent Adelle cover Hello, which he did in December. He has several hits under his belt like Appointment and Furifuri, that paved lots of opportunities for him. Since his terrible attempt of Adelle‘s cover, the artiste has gone mum.


Just what happened to Dee, the beautiful gospel rapper who hit showbiz headlines after the release of her hit single Victory Dance. With a striking appeal and a talent to die for, Dee won the hearts of many with her uniqueness, being one of the few female gospel artistes in Kenya. She was nicknamed the rap princess. That was in 2012. Since, she has taken a number of breaks from the music scene - and comebacks with no big impacts.


Chuchu was as sweet as her 2012 hit single Upendo. Jimmy Gait had introduced her to the music scene by featuring her in his Ole track, just a little early but with the release of Upendo, Chuchu became big and even got a nomination during the 2013 Groove Awards. The last we heard about her was an alleged fight with a fellow gospel singer over love matters. Was her last song Naondoka, in 2014, a sure sign that she was saying bye bye


This amazingly talented group comprised of two brothers; Christian and Lovy Longomba. Coming from a musically talented family – their father was a member of Super Mazembe and grandfather was part of the TPOK Jazz group – the Longombas took the Kenyan music scene by storm in 2002 with hits like Dondosa, Piga Makofi, Shika More and Vuta Pumz. Their debut album Chukua was one of the biggest Ogopa deejays ever released. Thousands of fans from across Africa adored them and believed they were the most promising group in the continent. That was until 2006, when they performed at the Channel O Music Video Awards in South Africa – their last major act.


Until recently, when she attempted to make a come-back in her yet to be released single featuring Kidum, this Congolese Kenyan-based talented singer was on a dip. She is blessed with an amazing voice but how inconsistent Alicios has been, only hurting fans can tell.