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“It is not safe to go home alone”

He invited you to his home. You have been begging him all day that you want to leave as soon as the sun sets. He had you thinking that he enjoys your company yet you have always been brushed off as the boring, quiet type by your peers. One more hour and he will allow you to leave, he promised.

8pm, 9.45pm... 11pm and the script changes. You can only leave in the morning because he lost his cab guy’s phone number and he does not trust any other. “There could be muggers waiting for girls like you.”

“I would love to cook for you”

Women love the thought of a man in the kitchen preparing a meal. Men know this. And what a classic, inviting you to his home this way. Not many women can say no to this.

Watching an explicit movie

A guy will invite you to his home and psyches you up that he has a great movie collection and he insists that he should be the one to select one. He already knows this one has intense sexual scenes. When that moment arrives, he keenly studies your mood and asks sexual questions, like telling him your sexual fantasies in full details. And his just happens to be about having a romp with a hot girl on his sofa while a romantic movie is playing.

“Can’t touch a woman when she is asleep”

Well, at first he pretended that he wasn’t interested in touching you till you dozed off next to him. He only needed to be next to you to perform his trick. He will wake you up in the middle of the night, and wake up and say things like “I cannot take it anymore. I need you right now.”

“You will sleep on my bed, I will have the sofa”

Believe this lie and in the middle of the night you will have company. He will complain how he is too tall he cannot fit well at the sofa or it is too cold in the living room. He will later get closer and closer to you and will complain how it is cold in the bedroom too and needs some warmth.

A similar version is the “I have slept in the same bed with a girl and nothing happened”. Trust me, something will happen.

“You are the best I have ever had”

This is when he got lucky with you a few times and you are not in the mood that night or you are not feeling him anymore. To get you into his bed again, this and “no one does it like you” is the trick.

“You look like a girl who likes to have fun”

He will start by telling you how he hates uptight girls, girls who are too serious with life. He will express admiration to those who are willing to take a risk, to enjoy life, YOLO all the way. Then tells you that you are the kind of a girl who likes to have a fun.

“I will make sure you won’t get drunk”

A man guy wants to take you home that night will want you to loosen up. And when he sees his charm has not worked on you at all, he can buy every bottle at the club - some call it ‘chemical warfare’ - and still find a way to convince you that he has made it his first priority to make sure you don’t get drunk. Once you fall for this trick, he will quickly create a drinking game, like, a gulping competition and as you clear the table, he is on his second glass. He will keep his eyes on the prize, staring into your lazy eyes.