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It all starts with that first step you take when you spot a potential love partner. You have got to look attractive. Confidence, too, will take you places.

And when you have struck that conversation and it flows so smoothly that her laugh is seductive and you lightly touch her hand, be upfront of what you want without sounding disrespectful or arrogant. And men, please do not lead her into thinking that you see a life partner in her when it is only a bait to get her to bed. Women understand this kind of arrangement exists and would tell you if they are interested or not. Play boyfriend material and you will have yourself to blame.

When you finally hook up for that sneak moment, go straight into what brought you there and leave just as quickly. Cuddling, listening to slow jams and watching a romantic flick to get your playmate to get comfortable is a sure waste of time. Clearly, you both knew why you set up that meeting. And, hey, somebody is likely to fall in love when you give so much of your time and affection.

Do not sleep over at your playmate’s place. Only do so if you met very late in the night and going home is risky. If so, leave very early in the morning, and quietly. Do not start playing pillow fights, playing with her hair or preparing breakfast.

It happens - you met, knocked boots and you wish that this game continues. Problem is you are too shy to let your partner know. If you want to come back for more, there is no other way than to speak it.

Ladies, the only benefit to this kind of relationship is between the sheets. It begins and ends there. Do not ask for anything else other than a good time. Do not ask for gifts. Do not expect, ask or demand for money. If your playmate knew he was going to part with money, he knew who to go to. Plus, you do not want him to view you as that kind of a girl, right?

One more thing. Do not put this person first and do not accord him or her much of your attention as you would a serious partner. You cannot be meeting every week. Do not be too demanding of your playmate’s time even if their bedroom skills are top deck.

If one of you is in need of some fooling around, it is the duty of the other person to oblige. Not one of you should be the only one calling the shots. And if there is a genuine reason why you cannot meet up, be courteous enough to explain and set up another date.

Do not get sentimental. Do not take her out on romantic dates and well, do not check up on him or text each other the entire night. It sends wrong signals and it can get confusing. If you feel the need to do this, you could be in love so pull away from the relationship. If it happened both of you are in love, step up and let it be known.

Do not demand to know where your partner is and who he or she is with. Neither of you has the control over the other. Neither of you has the right to cause any drama in case you find out you are not the only plaything around. If you are bumped into when with another partner, do not show disrespect to the other, you might need the person when the other one is not around.

How it ends matters just as much as how it starts. If your partner does not excite you anymore or you want to change your ways, end the relationship cordially. Make sure that your partner knows you are no longer interested. This kind of a relationship has to have an ending, anyway.