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He has been off the public limelight for some time now and when he made a comeback last Friday, it was nothing anyone ever expected. For starters, the gospel singer Ringtone had announced that he was quitting gospel for politics and two, who saw a collabo between him and Christina Shusho coming?

Tenda Wema, the new single shows a new side of the singer and to his confession, it is the start of a new chapter in his life.

“Honestly, I was about to quit gospel music. I got to a point where I felt that the industry was moving towards the wrong direction. Many gospel singers were fighting each other and scheming for each other’s downfall. I also became a target and twice my Karen residence was broken into and my electronics were stolen. It was a very uncomfortable situation,” Ringtone told Pulse.

“I have been in the music scene for quite some time now and I also felt that I had done my part. As a role model, I am starting a talent search centre to train upcoming musicians and that is the other reason why I was planning to stop singing, not because of politics,” he noted.

Two weeks ago, Ringtone hired two choppers to Lake Magadi where he recorded a video for his upcoming song that features celebrated gospel star and long-time friend Christina Shusho. According to the singer each of the choppers cost him Sh500,000 for the entire time he used them for the shoot.

“This collabo is different from any other musical piece I have ever done before. It defines the new direction I want to take as an entertainer and gospel singer. I want to do more mature music. I also plan to settle down soon,” Ringtone told Pulse.

With hits like Mziki ni Dawa and Jubilee, Ringtone has been one of the consistent and versatile gospel singers in the country. His music career has however been dogged by controversies with some critics questioning the source of his big cash that has seen him invest in state-of-the-art cars and a Sh 20 million house in Karen.

He even shocked many when he announced that he was ready to marry Tanzanian singer Ray C adding that he made a number of trips to Tanzania during which the two met. That was last year. We have all been waiting.

“Well, that was then. I know people still want to know if I am dating and whether I am about to settle down. Those are valid questions my fans have been asking. The waiting won’t be too long,” he remarked.

“The big problem is that as a celebrity, it is very hard to know which of your lady friends is ready for a serious relationship. You never know if they are in it just for the fame or for the love. But I am looking around and waiting on God.”

Asked what happened about his alleged affair with American contemporary singer Jamie Grace, Ringtone declined to comment.