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Pulse: Are you a budget-conscious shopper?

Rosemary Josphat: Yes I am. I am all about money management.

P: Which are your go-to places to shop?

RJ: Thrift shops such as Adams Arcade, the bus station and Toi Market. These places always have unique pieces.

P: What do you look out for when shopping?

RJ: I go for what pleases my eye in terms of colour and texture, but the fit is the ultimate determinant.

P: What is your styling philosophy?

RJ: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

P: What inspires your look?

RJ: My sources of inspiration are multiple from movies, art or even the random girl on the street and social media. I have a continual need to feed my eye, so I remain visually curious.

P: What celebrity fashion sense inspires you enough to want to raid their closet?

RJ: Actress, model, and celebrity homemaker Blake Lively. Her style is simple yet modern.

P: How do you keep abreast of current fashion trends?

RJ: I read a lot of magazines and also constantly check out fashion trendsetters on Instagram

P: Heels or sneakers?

RJ: Sneakers, because they are versatile, always on trend and comfortable.

P: If money were no object what fashion piece would you have?

RJ: That would be a Rolex watch. There is a certain sense of prestige and sophistication that comes with that brand.

P: In your opinion, what fashion item should every woman own?

RJ: A little black dress. It is a life saver.

P: What should your ideal date be dressed in?

RJ: A laid back look, perhaps a simple cashmere sweater with jeans and brown suede oxfords.

P: What is the most expensive fashion piece in your closet?

RJ: A Chanel handbag that I was gifted

P: about the cheapest?

RJ: A clutch bag that I bought for Sh300.

P: What trend would you never be caught dead rocking?

RJ: Harem Pants. They look weird with my kind of body and I personally find them tacky.

P: In your opinion what makes for a successful fashion blog?

RJ: The relationship you create with your readers.

P: What is unique about your blog?

RJ: Simple inexpensive workable styles that relate to the average girl.

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