Veteran Vitimbi comedy actress Mama Kayai has dissed Oscar award winning Kenyan superstar Lupita Nyong’o of the 12 Years a Slave fame saying her role depicts ‘foreign morals’.

She has criticised the Kalasha award-winning Kenyan sex comedy House of Lungula arguing that it is not family friendly. Responding to interview questions during the fifth Kalasha Awards glitz ceremony held in Nairobi on Friday night, the hilarious Vitimbi actress faulted Lupita’s character in the 12 Years a Slave alluding that some of the scenes she played got her over exposed, something ‘Africans’ would find immoral.

“I have watched House of Lungula and I don’t think it is worthy the hype. I mean, if you can’t watch the comedy with your family, then that means it is indecent,” she argued.

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