Margaux Rusita is the founder of Margaux Wong, a Burundi-based sustainable, ethically-produced jewellery brand quickly gaining global appeal, and one of many designers on the rise in the country’s creative scene.

Bujumbura is blossoming with artists, musicians and designers that are using the power of self-expression and creativity to connect, and to pave the way for a luminous future in Burundi.

The episode is all about ethically-produced fashion and art, but primarily touches on Burundi and the emerging opportunities within its borders.

The designer explains the challenges in finding artisans who are skilled in traditional techniques, how she’s found it possible to succeed at both motherhood and entrepreneurship through “passion, love and perseverance” and how Burundi will learn to appreciate art once more.

Simone Cipriani (Founder and Head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative (“EFI”) and Clare Press (Sustainable Journalist and Writer), return to host the second series of the Ethical Fashion podcast, first launched in June 2020 to champion the power of discussion and explore the issues driving the ethical fashion conversation.

The new series focuses on African stories in light of the EFI’s work on “creating jobs and regenerating the social capital in some of the most challenging environments, which is something we started doing in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2018” says Cipriani.